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30 Scenario 3: Changing the counterion distribution EUipsometry probes the complete interfacial architecture. The reflected hght is generated within the transition region between the two adjacent bulk phases, air and aqueous surfactant solution. The electric double layer has to be explicetely considered. Hence, changes in the ion distribution at higher concentrations may cause the observed feature in the ellipsometric isotherm. The classical model of a charged double layer has been developed by Gouy, Chapman and Stern.

The image on the left hand side sketches the inner structure of the sample. 044 Figure 18: Schematic view of the micropatterned Langmuir-Blodgett film with all relevant dimensions; Ellipsometric microscopy images of the sample. 8°. The gray scales from black to white represent a change in A of 120 - 130°. The scale bar has a length of 25/im. (redrawn from [36]) Another elegant approach was suggested by Meunier et. al. who presented a custom made objective based on a modified Schwarzschild objective.

In short, ellipsometry applied to adsorption layers of ionic soluble surfactants does not measure the surface excess. The elhpsometric signal may show a non-monotonic behaviour which is caused by a redistribution of the ions between compact and diffuse layer. The data analysis within the classical model of a charged double layer yields an estimate of the prevailing ion distribution. Ellipsometry applied to adsorption layers of nonionic surfactant directly yields the surface 34 excess. It is therefore a valuable alternative to surface tension measurements, especially if one considers rheological properties which require higher derivatives of the surface tension isotherm.

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