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Htm (54 of 82)7/19/2006 16:12:44 CRUISER 8-INCH TURRET - PART 1 the forward or after aloft director. In secondary control, the turret drives may be controlled by similar automatic and indicating control variations that employ different combinations of the secondary directors and plotting rooms. Turret local control methods include "targetsighting" control, radar control, periscope control, and combinations of these. All use the local computer for solution of external ballistics, but turret I is excluded from radar control except via turret II.

Htm (29 of 82)7/19/2006 16:12:43 CRUISER 8-INCH TURRET - PART 1 Figure 25. Gun and Housing Arrangement shown in figure 25, and returns the gun to battery empty-case tray. In firing position it is aligned with by means of a conventional hydropneumatic the bore and receives extracted empty powder cases. counterrecoil cylinder unit. Its loading-tray design When the transfer trays move to loading position for includes two large tubular transfer trays, hinged ramming the next round, the empty-case tray dumps and operated by hydraulic cylinders arranged as the empty case into a compartment at the rear and shown in figures 23 and 24.

Its installed arrangements at the front of the a manual mechanical control method. turret are shown in figure 28, and the components and arrangements of the power drive assembly in The servo control methods are provided by the figure 29. receiver-regulator instrument and its auxiliary hydraulic power supply unit shown in figure 30, and The drive consists of a 125-horsepower electric by a stroking cylinder device on the A-end pump. motor coupled to a large reduction gear which These units operate in response to signal inputs to drives a Waterbury A-end pump assembly.

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