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By Bercovier M., Livne E.

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5 nm. 194. Brieskorn, C. H . , ZLUF-114-473-61. Determination of tryptophan in the presence of hemoglobin, lipids, polysaccharides, and sterols: Use the shift in A max from 280 to 250 nm which occurs when tryptophan (in peptide form, not the free state) reacts with N-bromosuccinimide in dil acid. 3 g with 10 ml N NaOH on steam bath for 30 min; cool, and add 6 ml 2 N H2SO4. 1 N H2SO4. 0 ml. Read the max spectral shift. Calibrate with 10-50 ppm tryptophan glycyl dipeptide. For albumin, casein, peptone, and trypsin, accuracy is about 5%.

Determination of urinary 3-hydroxykynurenine: Purify on Dowex 50 resin, add HNO2, and measure at 367 nm. Kynurenine, kynurenic acid, and xanthurenic acid do not interfere. 209. Brown, T. , JPMS-52-274-63. Mixt of phenobarbital and pentobarbital in Pharmaceuticals can be determined via the shift in UV absorption that the latter undergoes when dealkylated in hot H2SO4. 210. , ANCH-28-1920-56. Determination of water in acetic acid: Add acetic anhydride. Hold at 110 C for 90 min. Cool and determine the unreacted anhydride at 252 nm.

Data that follow show max and min in nm and solvent used. Original paper also provides absorbance ratios and wt sample required for 50 ml solvent and 1-cm cell for some of the compounds. 5 Methapyrilene HCl 239, 304 Phen ind am ine 259 tar tr ate Mellaril 262, ca 312 Diphenhydramine 258, weak 2 52. 5, ca 315 Promethazine HCl 250, 298 Chlorcyclizine HCl 231 Ethopropazine HCl 255, ca 305 1 -^-Chloro benzyl - 253, 275, 282 2 - (1 -pyr r olid inyl methyl)benzimidazole HCl 243 Antazoline HCl Omeril naphthalene - 227, 287 1, 5-disulfonate 254, 260 Cyclizine diHCl 186.

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A 4 CST quadrilateral element for incompressible materials and nearly incompressible materials by Bercovier M., Livne E.

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