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During this exceptional remodeling of Lewis Spence's seminal Myths and Legends of the North American Indians, Jon E. Lewis places the paintings in context with an in depth new introductory essay and extra statement through the booklet at the background of local american citizens, their language and way of life, tradition and religion/mythology. He comprises examples of myths from tribes passed over via Spence, a consultant to tribes and their myths by means of quarter, a uncomplicated Lakota (Sioux) thesaurus, courses to key pronunciations and a bibliography.

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This attention-grabbing and informative compendium of local American lore recounts the continent's myths chronologically and region-by-region, supplying a variety of nomadic sagas, animist myths, cosmogonies and production myths, end-time prophecies, and different conventional tales.

Legends comprise tales of sunlight worship, trickster pranks, the ghost international, and mystery societies.

Bibliographical Note

This Dover version, first released in 2005, is an unabridged (slightly altered) republication of quantity X, North American, from The Mythology of All Races (in 13 volumes), initially released in 1916 through the Archaeological Institute of the USA, Marshall Jones corporation, Boston.

The basically major alteration is composed in relocating all thirty-three of the plates from their unique positions to a bit further in the back of the e-book. All 16 colour illustrations are reproduced there in black and white, whereas a few of them additionally seem in complete colour in a bit of diminished shape at the within back and front covers.

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