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But if somebody harms you and you use that experience to transform your mind into patience, the path to enlightenment lies open in front of you. If you practice patience, your anger evaporates and other sentient beings do not receive harm from you. Through your great patience, they receive only peace and happiness from you. Thus, the angry person is most kind because he gives you the precious opportunity to do this. His being mad at you is like a wish-fulfilling jewel. THE DISADVANTAGES OF ANGER Reflecting on the disadvantages of anger is also useful.

They exist just in your mind because they aren't there. The entire supermarket that you see is in your mind. All these shops and businesses are in your mind. Your friend is in your mind. The enemy that you see-the person who appears so mean to you-is in your mind. What some people understand when they hear "everything is in your mind" may not be quite right. We are not denying the existence of external objects and people; what we are denying is that they exist in the way they appear and in the way we believe them to exist.

The person, the I, does not have inherent existence at all. It is compfetely empty of inherent existence. The inherent existence that appears is a hallucination fabricated by the hallucinating thought, the net of superstitious concepts holding the person to be inherently existent. Why is it called a net? Because it binds us to samsara. Just as a net 32 COMMENTARY ON THE THREE PURIFICATIONS traps fish and does not let them be free, the net of superstitious concepts holding the I as inherently existent does not let you be free.

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