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By Richard F. H. Polt, Gregory Fried

ISBN-10: 0300085249

ISBN-13: 9780300085242

This new significant other to the advent to Metaphysics provides an summary of Heidegger's textual content and quite a few views on its interpretation from greater than a dozen hugely revered individuals.

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I suggest that we can fruitfully consider stillness as part of what we could think of as a dynamic range of mobility. The following is a provisional visual essay constructed from photographs of air terminal light boxes I have taken over the last five years (in Amsterdam, London, Chicago, Frankfurt and Miami). Presented here as emblems of Junkspace, each of these images reveals a slightly different angle, mode or velocity. The photo essay suggests that there are multiple dimensions of visuality, temporality and bodily experience at play in the image-object-spaces of the terminal: the airportal.

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