A Companion to The Cantos of Ezra Pound: Vol. I (Cantos by Carroll F. Terrell PDF

By Carroll F. Terrell

ISBN-10: 0520036875

ISBN-13: 9780520036871

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Later he was allowed to return to Florence. Zan Lattieri afterward spreading the rumor that Piccinino had fallen out a window. This crime shocked all Italy. But it is doubtful that Francesco Sforza was a party to the plot [Muratori, IX, 236-237; 21/97]. , Francesco Sforza). power in Italy up to the year of his death, a fact recorded by Machiavelli [quoted in 21/97: E non avendo stata ... , "And as Piccinino had no property / or state, / anyone who had, felt threatened by him"]. Piccinino married Drusiana [cf.

Lliustrious Prince: Letter 7, dated De· cember 18, 1454, written by Iacopo Tra· chulo ("Servulus Trajatus"), a court poet of Sigismundo's. The advice given to Sigis· mundo in this letter to establish his own party in Siena and eventually take over the city must, in Pound's opinion, have clinched the matter and confirmed the Sienese in their suspicions of Sigismundo [10:2]. 72. Hannibal: Famous general who led the forces of Carthage against Rome, crossing the Alps with his claimed to have been bal, so Trachulo is mundo, who often emblem.

29. Stupro ... concubinarius: ML; the text of the indictment runs: "Ravisher, butcher, adulterer / murderer, parricide, and perjurer, / killer of priests, reckless [one], lecher, / ... " 30. and that he rejected: All present at the consistory agreed with Benzi's list of charges, but Federigo d'Urbino and Alessandro Sforza added that Sigismundo also "rejected not one or two articles of the Catholic faith but the entire Catholic Creed" and had no sense of religion. In his Commentaries Pius II even claimed that Sigismundo was in the pay of the Turks and had betrayed the cause of Christianity.

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A Companion to The Cantos of Ezra Pound: Vol. I (Cantos 1-71) by Carroll F. Terrell

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