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G. ApSS. 6, 28, 3: MS. 1, 5, 13: 82, 8. 41 See also CALAND, On the relative chronology of some ritualistic sutras, in AO 9, p. 69. g. TSUJI, op. , p. 196 for MSS. 1, 8, 2, 5; VarSS. 1, 6, 3, 1; BSS. 20, 26: 59, lOf. 502 J. Gronda • The ritual sutras 3. The mantras According to the Vedic Indians themselves "the sacred tradition (comprises) mantras and brdhmanas",1 and there is no doubt much truth in the assumption that these two elements of the older Vedic literature are in the main based on the same general conceptions and the same tradition.

350 and in Taittirlya Samhita edited by A. MAHADEVA SASTRI and P. K. RANGACARYA (Bibl. Sanskr. IV), Mysore 1894, Appendix, p. 1. 18 For a complete survey see KEITH, V. B. Y. , p. XXVII. For the technical terms see also n. 23 below. g. also DhUrtasvamin on ApSS. 1, 1, 1. 20 T h e sautrdmani is classified as a haviryajna, n o t a soma sacrifice; t h e kaukill form is a n independent offering, t h e carakd sautrdmani forms p a r t of another rite, as t h e rdjasuya a n d t h e agnicayana. 21 I t m u s t however be noticed t h a t according t o Kaiadanukrama 4, 25 f.

4, 5, 7f); then the third oblation with the remainder of the section As to individual mantras, parts of mantras or groups of mantras that are quoted throughout the irautasutras to accompany the ritual acts their significance, and especially their applicability to the rites in which they are employed has often been too much underestimated and even been questioned. Scholars of repute contended that in many cases the mantras show little connexion with the ritual acts which they are to accompany, or even that the contents of a considerable number of these verses have nothing to do with the acts,6 although they admitted that in other cases the mantras do supply a clue to the correct explanation of the context in which they occur.

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