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By S. M. Stirling

ISBN-10: 0451461665

ISBN-13: 9780451461667

Within the 10th 12 months of The swap, the survivors in western Oregon have realized find out how to dwell in a global with out know-how. yet a disagreement among the forces of these who could rebuild the area peacefully and the dreaded Protector, who will use no matter what skill at his command to increase his energy, threatens to plunge the whole zone into open war.

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Signe laughed. "You were born on a farm and lived on it until you enlisted in the Marine Corps. " "My dad worked the mines, mostly. We were close to town. " "Where your family raised spuds and pigs and cooked on a woodstove. " "Chasing girls and running my motorcycle were right up there. " "I do now. Back then I was a vegetarian. And when you got out of the Corps, you went and became a bush pilot in Idaho. You, my darling, are a hayseed of hayseeds and a hick of hicks. " The smile died a little as she looked around at the busy brightness and rubbed an index finger on the little white scar that nicked the bridge of her straight nose.

Blood welled out around the broken arrow-shaft, but he clutched it and glared hatred at her. Another young face, a little younger than her own, but neatly shaved; when Alleyne pulled off the coif—a mail-covered, tight-fitting leather hood—his lightbrown hair was moderately long in front, cropped like a crew cut behind the ears. A blunt face with an old scar on one cheek, and gray-blue eyes. Beneath the armor he was broad-shouldered and thick-armed, not skinny-scrawny like most of the outlaw gang.

Momentum swept her forward with blurring speed, higher above the surface as she fell towards the trail, skimming in a great arch that left her barreling down the trail towards the enemy at head-height. " she shouted again, a great, high-soaring silver trumpet-call as she flew. " a snaggle-toothed man screamed, as much in astonishment as fear, just before her boot heels struck him in the face. Crack. The bandit was flung half a dozen feet backward at the collision, his face a red pulp of flesh and bone fragments.

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