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In this publication Emma Ruttkamp demonstrates the facility of the full-blown employment of the model-theoretic paradigm within the philosophy of technology. inside of this paradigm she offers an account of sciences as technique and product. She expounds the "received assertion" and the "non-statement" perspectives of technological know-how, and exhibits how the model-theoretic process resolves the spurious pressure among those perspectives. during this endeavour she additionally engages the perspectives of a couple of modern philosophers of technological know-how with affinity to version idea. this article may be learn by way of experts operating in philosophy of technological know-how or formal semantics, by way of logicians engaged on the constitution of theories, and by way of scholars in philosophy of technology - this article deals an intensive creation to non-statement money owed of sciences in addition to a dialogue of the normal assertion account of science.

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Say we take Newtonian mechanics as our theory. Take our solar system as a model, M, of the theory. Take one empirical reduct of this model, call it ~, a subset of M, containing as elements only events, that is, four-tuples (x,y,z,t) pinpointing the position(s) of Mars on its elliptical orbit. Notice that we acknowledge that the elliptical form of the orbit is an approximation, since we assume for now that the sun is heavier than any of the other planets and that we exclude predicates concerning forces, accelerations, and other so-called theoretical predicates - such as Mass - which are not the "direct" result of observations in this case23 • This subset ~ed then is the set of all points (x,y,z,t) lying mathematically on the elliptical orbit of Mars.

E. e. for every xEG and y E G, either (x,y) E R or else (y,x) E R. 9 Let L be a propositional language over some finite set A of atoms. e. functions from A to {T, F}). A ranked finite model ofL is a triple M =(G, R, V) such that • G is a finite set of possible worlds, • R is a total preorder on G, and • V is a labelling function from G to W. e. V(w) =w for all WEW). 10 Suppose that L is a propositional language over a finite set A of atoms, and that M = (G, R, V) is a ranked finite model of L. ,~ then M satisfies a at x iff M does not satisfy ~ at x; • if a is ~/"Y then M satisfies a at x iff M satisfies both ~ and 'Y at x; • if a is ~V'Y then M satisfies a at x iff M satisfies ~ at x or'Y at x; • if a is • if a is ~-'Y then M satisfies a at x iff M satisfies both neither at x.

An assignment of values to variables (or just 'assignment' for short) is any function v from the set Var {Xl' X2, ... } to the set D. 4 Suppose we have a frrst-order language LA' an interpretation I assignment v from Var to D. t ~, ... , In) in A, assign to P(t 1, ~, ••• , fu) the truth value T if and only if (d l , ~, ... ,du) E f(P,n); where each ~ is either f(c), if~ is the constant c, or is v(x) if ~ is the variable x. 5 Suppose I is an interpretation of a frrst-order language LA and v is an assignment in I.

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