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By Compiled and translated, with an introduction, by Sōiku Shigematsu. Foreword by Gary Snyder

ISBN-10: 0834801590

ISBN-13: 9780834801592

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Finds the right way to solid your cares upon the Lord, obey his each guideline and dwell your existence in peace most folk may by no means cost right into a medical institution with an disorder and refuse to persist with the directions in their experts. besides the fact that, many of us forget about directions from Jesus Christ, the experts.

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154) from pictured plum blossoms. T h e sea dries up (147) and shows the seabed; Man dies without A group o f beauties: ever knowing his mind. moth-feeler eyebrows, (155) white-cicada foreheads, Each with Open your m o u t h — a flowering twig, brocaded shoulders. instantly w r o n g ; (148) Move your tongue— against the truth. Pictured rice cakes dissolve hunger ? (149) (156) Its function doesn't depend on the richness Broken tiles are or poverty o f your house? radiant; The more robes y o u wear, True gold loses color.

224) A bow mirrored in the guest-cup: a suspicion it's a snake. On) A train of rings or an earthworm, which one is true? (218) A hunter saves the sparrow That found shelter at his chest. (223) To feel the first rain after long drought; To come across an old friend in a foreign country. (219) Beauty eludes the seeker; Turns up unsought.

601) In zazen, you should keep your eyes half open. This suggests the fact that Zen training by no means teaches devoting oneself to daydreams or shutting one's eyes off from the world. " The accomplished hermit hides in the t o w n ; The immature hermit hides in the mountain. (743) It is the essential duty of the Zen monk to exercise, within society, the dynamic activity o f Zen. This is the ritagyd I mentioned before, illustrated in the tenth drawing of the Ten Oxherding Pictures. A donkey matter's unsolved b u t — A horse problem's already come.

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A Zen Forest: Sayings of the Masters by Compiled and translated, with an introduction, by Sōiku Shigematsu. Foreword by Gary Snyder

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