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It is also desirable for the pilot to have a scale of map distances in terms of the time it takes them at different ground speeds. The value of tl^s scale is that it enables the pilot to measure on his map the time it takes to fly from point to point without computing the number of miles to fly traveled. for If a certain the time number no difference. The time scale for is known and the pilot has a supply of fuel number of miles in the trip makes of hours, the is constructed by choosing a convenient time unit, example, 10 minutes, and laying off the distances which may be AERIAL NAVIGATION.

OP DISTANCE. How it take to go 12 miles at 80 m. p. h.? This exercise should be worked out mentally so as to be approximately correct, as follows: At 60 m. p. h. it would take 12 minutes. First exercise: long does AERIAL NAVIGATION. 37 At 80 m. p. h. it* would take less than 12 minutes, perhaps 9. The guess should be checked as follows: Since the time is inversely proportional to the speed, it would take sixty-eightieths of 12 minutes, equals 9 minutes. Usually the guess will be somewhat out of the way, but the pilot should practice the exercise until his guess is approximately correct.

A plumb line is dropped from the boss of the prop Her and another from the tail skid or the center line of the tail. Now, by sighting along these and the N. line, one machine can point the machine's nose due north (magnetic) and ots rve the If this is not zero, magnets can be set ath wartship in holes provided in the compass case, in such a manner that the deflection will be neutralized. This is called compensation. Next the machine is turn: d so as to head exactly east, b ing sighted along the plumb lines and the stake or ground line as before, and the compass reading is again taken.

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Aerial Navigation [Pt. I, II] (the compass and the map)- Div. Mil. Aeronautics, US Army

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