Download e-book for iPad: Anatomy and Physiology For Dummies by Donna Rae Siegfried, Maggie Norris

By Donna Rae Siegfried, Maggie Norris

ISBN-10: 0470923261

ISBN-13: 9780470923269

Learn in regards to the human physique from the interior out
Every 12 months, greater than 100,000 levels are accomplished in biology or biomedical sciences. Anatomy and body structure sessions are required for those majors and?others similar to lifestyles sciences and chemistry, and also?for scholars on a pre-med track.?These classes?also?serve as important electives as a result of the significance and relevance of this subject's content.?Anatomy and body structure For Dummies, 2d Edition, appeals to scholars and life-learners alike, as?a direction complement or just as a?guide to?this exciting field?of?science.
With 25 percent?new and revised content material, together with up-to-date examples and references all through, readers of the recent version will come to appreciate the meanings of phrases in anatomy and body structure, get to understand the body's anatomical constructions, and achieve perception into how the constructions and structures functionality in disease and health.* New examples, references, and case stories* up to date info on how structures functionality in affliction and in future health* most modern health and wellbeing discovers and insights into how the physique works
Written in undeniable English and filled with dozens of lovely illustrations, Anatomy & body structure For Dummies is your advisor to a wonderful voyage of the human physique.

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Subphylum Vertebrata: Animals with backbones. Superclass Tetrapoda: Four-footed vertebrates. Class Mammalia: Tetrapods with hair. Other classes of the vertebrata are Pisces (fish), Amphibia (frogs), Aves (birds), and Reptilia (scaly things). Order Primates: Apes and monkeys. Family Hominidae: Great apes, including humans. Genus Homo: The human species is the only surviving species of our genus, though this genus included several species in the evolutionary past. Species Sapiens: All species are given a twopart Latin name, in which the genus name comes first and a species epithet comes second.

Figure 1-2: Planes of the body: Frontal, sagittal, and transverse. Taking pictures of your insides For anatomists and physiologists from Aristotle to Charles Darwin, the images they had were the sketches they made for themselves. Some of them were pretty good at it: Darwin’s sketches of beaks of the finches of the Galapagos Islands were both beautiful and scientifically valuable. ” In 1895, Roentgen recorded the first image of the internal parts of a living human: an X-ray image of his wife’s hand.

Refinements and enhancements of X-ray techniques were developed all through the 20th century, with extensive use and major advances during World War II. The X-ray is still a widely used method for medical diagnosis screening for signs of disease, usually tumors. In the 1970s, computer technology took off, taking medical imaging technology with it. Digital imaging techniques began to be applied to convert multiple flat-slice images into one three-dimensional image. The first technology of this sort was called computed axial tomography (commonly called a CAT or CT scan), in which multiple X-ray images are combined into Chapter 1: Anatomy and Physiology: The Big Picture cross-sectional pictures of structures inside the body.

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