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3 7 3 ff. Later the 108th chapter of the Book of the Dead, with contributions to the 107th, 1 nth, and 149th chapters, studied by K . Sethe et al. * References to the repulsing of the dragon enemy of the sungod are common in the Egyptian texts here translated: pp. 6-7, 8; 9 - ; M> - 7 ; 5 3 5 3 ; 3 ^ ; 36710 n 2 AND The 18 AND The Dragon of the West I know that mountain of Bakhu upon which heaven rests. It is of ti-iaat-stonc, 300 rods in its length and 120 rods in its width. Sobek, Lord of Bakhu, is on the east of this mountain.

First Series (London, 1910), Pis. I-XIX. Faulkner gave a transcription from hieratic into hieroglyphic in The Papyrus Bremner-Rhind (Bibliotheca Aegyptiaca, m, Brussels, 1933). ; with the section below (xxvi 21—xxviii 20) treated in xxm, 172 ff. For another reference to the repulsing of a monster at creation, see p. 49. For another account of the Repulsing of the Dragon, see pp. 1 1 - 1 2 . 1 (xxvi 21) . . THE BOOK OF KNOWING THE CREATIONS of Re and OF OVERTHROWING APOPHIS. * The All-Lord said, after he had come into being: I am he who came into being as Khepri.

Creation was effected by the commanding utterance of Re. 2 4 AND MORTUARY TEXTS of them in Nun as weary ones,* before I could find a place in which I might stand. It (seemed) advantageous to me in my heart; I planned with my face; and I made (in concept) every form when I was alone, before I had spat out what was Shu, before I had sputtered out what was Tefnut, and before (any) other had come into being who could act with me. I planned in my own heart, and there came into being a multitude of forms of beings, the forms of children and the forms of their children.

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