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By Balaban A.T., Oniciu D.C., Katritzky A,R.

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Leaving the normal view of chemical constitution in the back of, those volumes show how a wealth of worthy, yet hitherto unused info will be extracted from to be had structural information. for instance, a unique constitution selection doesn't show a lot a few response pathway, yet a sufficiently huge variety of similar buildings does.

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Content material: bankruptcy I Cyanuric Acid and Derivatives (pages 17–146): bankruptcy II Alkyl(Aryl)? s? Triazines (pages 147–184): bankruptcy III Monohydroxy, Hydroxyamino, Dihydroxy? s? ?Triazines and similar Compounds (pages 185–216): bankruptcy IV Monoamino? and Diamino? s? ?Triazines (pages 217–268): bankruptcy V Ammelide, Ammeline and comparable Compounds (pages 269–308): bankruptcy VI Melamine and Substituted Melamines (pages 309–388): bankruptcy VII Isocyanuric Acid and Derivatives (pages 389–422): bankruptcy VIII Condensed Ring s?

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