Download e-book for iPad: Astropolitik: Classical Geopolitics in the Space Age by By (author) Everett C. Dolman

By By (author) Everett C. Dolman

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This quantity identifies and evaluates the connection among outer-space geography and geographic place (astrogeography), and the evolution of present and destiny army house procedure.

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In several twentieth-century examples, including Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey, military coups have been greeted by the population at large as a relief, a welcome return of order and rule of law in a state that has become irreparably corrupt and inefficient. New junta governments promise a return to more traditional institutions as soon as the crisis is over, but the damage is done. Society is conditioned to expect external corrections when needed, and is ill prepared to find solutions within the extant political framework.

For this reason, to follow the British precedent of constructing the Suez Canal to link the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean navies, Mahan advocated in the strongest possible terms a US-controlled canal across the isthmus of Panama. Mahan’s analysis was brilliant and convincing. If a natural chokepoint did not exist, it Foundations: from geopolitics to astropolitics 31 was possible and obviously beneficial in some cases for the forward-looking state to create one, and in the process eliminate a source of potential weakness.

Without doubt, the geographically influenced and disparate reliance of the Athenian and Spartan civilizations on commerce and conquest shaped the character of their peoples and the structures of their states, but it is not the only determining influence we can perceive. A common theme of geopolitical theorists is the manner in which new technology is adapted to geographic imperatives, thereby becoming an intervening variable in the direct relationship between geography and politics. Although technology changes are more often associated with geostrategy, in the purely geo-determined world they also have a place, and so a brief historical excursion is inserted to make the point.

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Astropolitik: Classical Geopolitics in the Space Age (Strategy and History Series) by By (author) Everett C. Dolman

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