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Span, while with standard Avro 504 mainplanes of 36 ft. span it was to have been known as the Avro 521 B, It is doubtful if all were completed and there is no record of any 75 74 production Avro 521 having been delivered. This strengthens the belief that the Avro 521 in which Capt. Gamett crashed and was killed at Gosport in 1917 must have been the prototype. SPEC I FICATION AND DATA k laml/acturers: A. V. Roe and Co. p. Clerget Production,' One unmarked prototype Works Order number believed 181 1; and twenty-five production aircraft 7520 to 7544, believed not all built Service Use: At the Advanced Training School) Gosport) Hants.

Gnome Dimensions: Span 44 ft . 0 in. Height 10 ft . in. ° Length 26 ft . 9 in. 'v':ling area 468 sq. ft. We ights: Tare weight 1,000 lb. h. All-up weight 1,680 lb. Endurance 41- hours , I~ ,. S. Avro SlOs were fitted with a fixed fin having a curved trailing edge which fitted sn ugly round the leading edge of the rudder. p. Sunbeam. p. Gnome rotary bur there is no evidence that this motor was ever fitted to an Avro 510. The Service history of the type is obscure but it is known that J30 was in service at Calshot until September 1917, and that 131 remained th ere in June 1916 while the remaining Avro 5105 went to the Supermarine Works at Woolston for modification.

6 jn. 210 sq. ft. 975 lb. 1,400 lb. t-4 7~ s~ / -- 1 - . . -;::;;:;:; = ,... Manchester differed only in their tail units. Both had balanced rudders but all tail surface areas were greater in the Mk. I which had taller vertical surfaces and an unbalanced elevator. That of the Mk. II was horn balanced. The performance of both marks was quite remarkable on comparatively low power and despite their size could be looped and spun, but the need for a bomber of this type disappeared when the war ended.

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