Charles P. McKeague's Basic College Mathematics: A Text Workbook, 3rd Edition PDF

By Charles P. McKeague

ISBN-10: 084005310X

ISBN-13: 9780840053107

Studying uncomplicated arithmetic is simple and interesting with this mixed text/workbook! easy university arithmetic is infused with Pat McKeague's ardour for instructing arithmetic. With years of lecture room event, he understands the right way to write in a manner that you're going to comprehend and savour. McKeague's confirmed "EPAS" technique (Example, perform challenge, resolution, and answer) strikes you thru every one new idea very easily whereas aiding you get a divorce challenge fixing into doable steps. Real-world functions in each bankruptcy of this undemanding e-book spotlight the relevance of what you're studying.

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If each case contains 12 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans 12 cans Objectives A Multiply whole numbers. B Understand the notation and vocabulary of multiplication. cans of the drink, how many cans were ordered? 5 C D Identify properties of multiplication. E Solve equations with multiplication. Find the area of squares and rectangles.

8 c. 1 d. 6 Find the solution to each equation by inspection. a. n + 5 = 9 tion to each equation. a. n + 9 = 17 b. n + 2 = 10 c. 8 + n = 9 d. 16 = n + 10 We find the solution to each equation by using the addition facts given in Table 1. a. The solution to n + 5 = 9 is 4, because 4 + 5 = 9. b. The solution to n + 6 = 12 is 6, because 6 + 6 = 12. c. The solution to 4 + n = 5 is 1, because 4 + 1 = 5. d. The solution to 13 = n + 8 is 5, because 13 = 5 + 8. 2 Addition with Whole Numbers, and Perimeter Perimeter E FACTS FROM GEOMETRY Perimeter We end this section with an introduction to perimeter.

By writing 65 as 60 + 5 and applying the distributive property, we have: 7(65) = 7(60 + 5) = 7(60) + 7(5) = 420 + 35 = 455 65 = 60 + 5 Distributive property Multiplication Addition We can write the same problem vertically like this: 60 + 5 × 7 35 m + 420 m 7(5) = 35 7(60) = 420 455 This saves some space in writing. But notice that we can cut down on the amount of writing even more if we write the problem this way: STEP 2: 7(6) = 42; add the 3 we carried to 42 to get 45 3 65 8n STEP 1: 7(5) = 35; write the 5 in the ones column, and then carry the 3 to the tens column 888 × 7 n 455 m888888888888888 This shortcut notation takes some practice.

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