Becoming Europeans?: Attitudes, Behaviour, and Socialization - download pdf or read online

By Roger Scully

ISBN-10: 0199284326

ISBN-13: 9780199284320

This can be a significant new problem to the generally held assumption that these operating in european associations develop into extra supportive of ecu integration. Theoretically complex, and containing wealthy empirical information subjected to methodologically subtle research, turning into Euopeans forces us to reassess our uncomplicated assumptions in regards to the eu Parliament and the method of ecu integration. it is a landmark textual content within the box of ecu integration, of curiosity to a person drawn to political associations and socialization.

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And institutions can always assimilate individuals . . [but] we are elected and I think that means the process of assimilation is much less here because we do have to go back home, we have to face the voters and therefore I think it’s much more difficult to go native. Our parties have to re-select us, they’re not out here, they’re going to judge us from their own perspective and our voters certainly will judge us from their own perspective, in accordance with their needs. . I wouldn’t say people necessarily go native here.

In the final section of the chapter, therefore, two possible resolutions of this conflict between hypotheses and evidence are explored: that defects in previous empirical research explain the absence of evidence in support of socialization effects; or that such hypotheses are based on mistaken or inappropriate theoretical premises. 46 BECOMING EUROPEANS? Going native? It seems to me immaterial, which party to vote for in the coming European elections, since as soon as they get elected they immediately ‘go native’ and see it as their job to represent the EU rather than their electors in this country.

Of member Status of MEPs states MEPs Title of chamber 1952 78 6 Nominated ECSC Common Assembly 1958 142 6 Nominated EC Common Assembly 1973 198 9a Nominated European Parliament 1979 410 9 Elected European Parliament 1981 434 10b Elected European Parliament 1986 1994 518 567 12c 12d Elected Elected European Parliament European Parliament 1995 626 15e Elected European Parliament 2004 732 25f Elected European Parliament a Enlargement to Denmark, Ireland, and UK b Enlargement to Greece c Enlargement to Portugal and Spain d German enlargement and seat redistribution e Enlargement to Austria, Finland, and Sweden f Enlargement to Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia 24 BECOMING EUROPEANS?

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