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By Grant Morrison, Richard Metzger

Disinformation’s "wicked warlock" Richard Metzger gathers an remarkable cabal of contemporary occultists, -magicians, and ahead thinkers within the most up-to-date within the sequence of the big structure Disinformation publications. simply as Russ Kick’s 3 publications concentrating on secrets and techniques and lies from the mainstream media, govt, and different institution associations rethought what a political technology ebook may perhaps appear like and whom it'll attract, Book of Lies redefines occult anthologies, packaging and providing a tremendous array of magical essays for a popular culture viewers. just a few of the contents:

An creation via comics genius supply Morrison, who additionally contributes a three-part article on Pop Magick.
Mark Pesce, writer of The Playful World, compares computing device programming and spellcasting.
Genesis P-Orridge, father of commercial song and Rave tradition explains how samples in a rave music could have magical results.
Paul Laffoley discusses his magical inventive options (Metzger compares Laffoley to Merlin the Magician).
Magical Thinking—an prolonged excerpt from Daniel Pinchbeck’s Breaking Open the Head.
William Burroughs and the occult.
Nevill Drury, Australia’s such a lot famous occult author, tells of Dion Fortune, Austin Spare, and Rosaleen Norton.
Why Does Aleister Crowley nonetheless Matter?
Donald Tyson’s "The Enochian Apocalypse Working." have been the seeds of the tip of the area sown within the Elizabethan era?.
The first ever biographical essay on Marjorie Cameron, the attention-grabbing personality from Los Angeles’ occult and beatnik scene.
Hitler and the occult—Peter Levenda interview by way of Tracy Twyman.
Robert Temple on how his e-book The Sirius Mystery’s, arguable thesis (for which he used to be ridiculed) was once confirmed by way of the Hubble telescope twenty-five years past due.
An unique Anton LaVey interview through Michael Moynihan, writer of best-selling booklet Lords of Chaos.
Erik Davis, writer of Techgnosis, appears at H. P. -Lovecraft’s Magick Realism.

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Are we in danger of becoming a sacrifice, the same danger from which the Masters of Eternity wished to save us when they invented the numerous religions? Or are we a race renewed, capable of immediate union with the root of Being and of vibrating consciously with our own divine self? , at exactly the same time as we were recognising the value of personal freedom. That meant that we could now freely choose whether to continue with our belief in the reality of eternity, or whether we would prefer to take steps towards attaining the immediate experiences that accompany the personal participation in the vibrations of divinity.

Earthquakes (element earth), storms (air), volcanic eruptions (fire) and floods (water) are not only shocking events that evoke strong human emotions, but also forms of conscious emergency assistance in circumstances that could otherwise let loose a world-ending cataclysm. Unfortunately, they are linked to so much sacrifice that we come to catharsis nonetheless. Dammed up emotions are suddenly stirred into movement. The ice of the enchained emotional fields is temporarily broken. The storms on the emotional plane are best understood as unwished-for emergency assistance.

The world that comes into being through the marriage of heaven and earth is simultaneously grounded in the sense of scenic landscape imbued with supernatural beauty. Such will not come to pass on earth if human beings remain unready to open themselves to the synthesis of earth and heaven, which is anchored in everyday reality by our relationships and deeds. Truth is that this possibility exists only when one has determined to lay aside all egocentric desires and devote oneself fully to the synthesis of spirit and life force within one’s own being.

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