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By Tim Glynne-Jones

ISBN-10: 0785824472

ISBN-13: 9780785824473

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N CALLIOPE – epic poetry CLIO – history EUTERPE – lyric poetry and song THALMIA – comedy MELPOMENE – tragedy 56 TERPSICHORE – dance and choral song ERATO – love poetry POLYHYMNIA – sacred poetry and dance URANIA – astronomy Book of numbers 001-060 Foul 4/5/07 2:53 pm Page 57 THE BOOK of NUMBERS { ‘Dressed to the nines’: nobody Sudoku Nines has explained the origin of this phrase, meaning dressed very glamorously. There are nine squares on each side of a Sudoku square. This Japanese number puzzle has become the global publishing phenomenon of the early 21st century, challenging the cryptic crossword as the daily brainteaser of choice.

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