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An try and supply inside a unmarried quantity a accomplished but easily available source-book of evidence and figures at the Victorian interval.

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P. ADAM 3 May 80 1st C. Works G. J. -Gen. SIR H. -Gen. SIR F. HERSCHELL 3 May 80 Junior Lds of Treasury. Sir A. D. ) MINISTERS NOT IN CABINET Judge G. O. MORGAN Advoc. Gen. Ld Advoc. J. McLAREN J. B. -Gen. -Gen. -Gen. Ireland 7 May 80 5 May 80 19 Aug 81 J. B. BALFOUR JUNIOR MINISTERS ATTACHED J. Holms 5 May 80-26 Jun 82 C. C. Cotes 5 May 80-9 Jun 85 H. J. Gladstone 24 Aug 81-9 Jun 85 R. W. LAW W. M. JOHNSON 17 No\' 81 A. M. PORTER 3 Jan 83 19 Dec 83 J. KER W. M JOHNSON 24 May 80 18 No\' 81 A. M.

Ayrton 2 Nov 69 J. Stansfeld 17 Mar 71 W. E. Baxter 11 Aug 73 J. G. ) W. E. Baxter 18 Dec 68 G. J. Shaw-Lefevre 17Mar71 Sec. 21 Dec 68 Civil Ld G. O. Trevelyan E of Camperdown 11 Jul70 'The Government resigned 13 Mar 73, but resumed 19 Mar 73. } MINISTERS IN CABINET Loc. Govt J. S. J. Hibbert 19 Aug 71 9 Dec 68 G. J. Goschen J. -Gen. M of Hartington 9 Dec 68 (W. Monsell 14 Jan 71) (office not in cabinet) B. o. T. J. Bright 9 Dec 68 C. S. S. A. W. S. G. J. Shaw-Lefevre A. W. Peel Bd Poor Law Bd' MINISTERS NOT IN CABINET Educ.

KARSLAKE 29 Nov 66 18 Jul67 SIR C. SELWYN SIR W. BRETT 10 Feb 68 SIR R. BAGGALLAY 16 Sep 68 Judge J. R. MOWBRAY 12 Jul66 Advoc. Gen. LdAdvoc. G. PATTON 12 Jul66 E. -Gen. E. GORDON 12 Jul66 Scotland J. -Gen. J. WALSH I No\' 66 Ireland M. MORRIS 1867 H. WARREN 1868 J. -Gen. M. MORRIS Ireland H. CHATTERTON 8 Nov 66 1867 R. WARREN 1867 M. HARRISON 1868 J. M. Household: Ld Steward D OF MARLBOROUGH 10 Jul66 E OF T ANKERVILLE 19 Mar 67 Ld Chamb. E OF BRADFORD 10 Jul66 V. Chamb. LD C. HAMILTON 10 Jul66 Master of D OF BEAUFORT 18 Jul66 Horse Treas.

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