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By Bruce Sutherland

ISBN-10: 1484201582

ISBN-13: 9781484201589

C++ Recipes: A Problem-Solution process is a convenient code cookbook reference consultant that conceal the most recent C++ 14 in addition to a number of the code templates to be had within the newest usual Template Library (STL).

In this useful reference, you'll locate numbers, strings, dates, instances, periods, exceptions, streams, flows, tips and extra. additionally, you'll see numerous code samples, templates for C++ algorithms, parallel processing, multithreading and numerical techniques. those have many functions together with video game improvement, gigantic information analytics, monetary engineering and research, company functions and extra. A wealth of STL templates on functionality gadgets, adapters, allocators, and extensions also are available.

This is a "must have", modern reference on your technical library.

What you’ll learn

How to deal with numbers, strings, textual content, dates and occasions, and information in general
How to enforce a number of C++ algorithms
How to address and use sessions, exceptions, streams and flows
How to construct parallel processing C++ templates
How to code for pointers
How to leverage the wealth of C++ templates present in the STL, together with functionality items, adapters, allocators and more
How to increase the STL and more
Who this booklet is for

This booklet is for people with not less than a few adventure with C++ and definitely adventure with programming in general.

Table of Contents

Beginning C++

Modern C++

Working with Text

Working with Numbers



The STL Containers

The STL Algorithms






3D pix Programming

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Sample text

Working with Time Problem You would like to write portable programs that are aware of the current time or their execution time. Solution Modern C++ provides STL templates and classes that provide portable time handling capabilities. How It Works Getting the Current Date and Time C++11 provides access to different real-time clocks in a given computer system. The implementation of each clock may be different depending on the computer system that you are running on itself however the general intent of each clock will remain the same.

The problem here is that C++11 lambdas do not support the auto keyword as a parameter. Building Listing 2-24 with a C++11 compiler results in the following output. cpp:35:2: note: candidate template ignored: couldn't infer template argument '$auto-0-0' [](auto&& number){ ^ 4 errors generated. makefile:2: recipe for target 'main' failed make: *** [main] Error 1 Thankfully this is a much clearer message than when trying to compile Listing 2-23 and it’s reasonably clear that C++11 does not support auto type deduction for lambda function parameters.

Cpp:17:24: error: constexpr variable 'ARRAY_SIZE' must be initialized by a constant expression constexpr uint32_t ARRAY_SIZE{ ArraySizeFunction(15) }; 30 Chapter 2 ■ Modern C++ Two warnings are presented to show that the constexpr function cannot be used in a constexpr context. This is not a compile error because the function can still be used in a non-constexpr context. The actual error is thrown when the function is used to initialize a constexpr variable. Recipe 2-6. Working with Lambdas Problem You would like to write programs that utilize unnamed function objects.

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