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By P. M. Holt, Ann K. S. Lambton, Bernard Lewis

ISBN-10: 0521291364

ISBN-13: 9780521291361

First released in 1970, The Cambridge background of Islam is the main accomplished and impressive collaborative survey of Islamic heritage and civilisation but to seem in English. On e-book it was once welcomed as a piece valuable either for reference and analyzing, for the final reader, scholars and expert alike. The historical past has now been reprinted, with corrections, and for ease of dealing with the unique hardcover volumes have each one been divided into separate paperbacks. quantity 1B covers the background of the relevant Islamic lands from 1918 to the Nineteen Sixties.

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Turkey rejected all demands and remained on the military alert until. 12 March 1947, when President Truman issued his promise of aid (the 'Truman Doctrine') to countries threatened by communism. Thus, menaced from the north, Turkey was forced to consolidate her internal front by suspending in 1946 several leftist publications, trade unions, and two political parties. The right-wing elements in both the Republican and Democratic parties, encouraged by the fears caused by the Soviet Union, eventually attacked the Village Institutes, the People's Houses, as well as several university intellectuals as being leftist in character.

Nationalist thought began to acquire racialist undertones, and a few extremist circles encouraged by German agents spread Nazi and fascist ideas. Germany began to exercise pressure on Turkey to join the Axis powers, or at least to permit the passage of troops to support the proNazi Iraqi rebels who had taken control of government. Turkey resisted threats and promises, and gave time to Great Britain to reestablish control in Iraq. The Germans, however, secured a treaty of friendship and trade in 1941, but without neutralizing the TurkishFrench-British alliance.

M. ), Historians of the Middle East (London, 1962), 422-9. 1 See Kemal H. Karpat article in Robert Ward and D. A. ), Political modernisation in Japan and Turkey (Princeton, 1964). 555 Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 CENTRAL ISLAMIC LANDS: RECENT TIMES Turkish, but had become the language of a minority.. who subjected the majority and left it without a language. n The scholarly evidence to support the claim for an independent Turkish language, as well as a history of the Turks apart from Islam, came from some Western writers such as Leon Cahun, Arminius Vambery, Arthur Lumley Davids, and converts like Mustafa Jelal al-DIn Pasha.

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Cambridge History of Islam (Volume 1, Part B - The Central Islamic Lands Since 1918) by P. M. Holt, Ann K. S. Lambton, Bernard Lewis

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