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The compounds making up the dry weight of seeds play a big position in choosing the dietary caliber and finally the makes use of and monetary price of the seed. The carbohydrate fraction could be divided into starch, fiber and soluble carbohydrates.The results of a huge collaborative software throughout Europe, this e-book covers the chemistry, dietary worth, body structure, processing and breeding/biotechnology of carbohydrates in grain legume seeds. there's presently no publication on hand which covers the options for bettering carbohydrates in grain legumes (peas, beans etc.) which takes into consideration either dietary and agricultural requisites. This ebook fills that gap

* broad part protecting the topical topic of genetic manipulation techniques
* details in the e-book turns out to be useful on a global huge scale

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Wilczek Vicia faba L. Phaseolus vulgaris L. Phaseolus vulgaris L. Pisum sativum L. Lens culinaris Medic. L. Cicer arietinum L. Medicago sativa L. Vigna angularis L. 5% of dry weight. An empty cell means the level is below the limit of detection, trace amounts or no data available. The table is compilation of data from: Aman (1979), Ford (1982), Frias et al. (1996c), Górecki et al. (1996), Horbowicz and Obendorf (1994), Horbowicz et al. (1995), Ueno et al. (1973), Yasui (1980), Yasui et al. (1985).

It serves as the galactose donor to form galactosyl sucrose oligosaccharides, the RFO (Lehle and Tanner, 1972). Galactinol is formed from UDPgalactose and myo-inositol, and can then add a galactose residue to sucrose forming raffinose, then to raffinose to form stachyose, etc. (Dey, 1990). , 1966). , 1995). Galactinol is also the galactose donor to D-ononitol to form galacto-ononitol (Fig. 4), found in seeds of adzuki bean (Yasui, 1980; Obendorf, 1997). Other cyclitol galactosides common in legume seeds are the galactopinitols.

Glucose is present in developing pea embryos in slightly higher quantities (1–3%), together with occasional traces of galactose. Although monosaccharides are not a major component of legume seeds, sucrose can accumulate in appreciable quantities in some legume species. For example, mature dry seeds of the starchless pea mutant, rug3, accumulates about 7–8% of the seed dry weight as sucrose compared with the wild-type value of 2–3%. , 1996a). a-Galactosides Oligosaccharides (from Greek oligos, a few) are compounds that give only monosaccharide units after complete hydrolysis.

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