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By Frater W.I.T.

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Adventure a brand new truth via wondrous visions of the Enochian angels Enochian magick, a procedure of angelic evocation, is without doubt one of the oldest types of ceremonial magick within the Western international, and maybe the only strongest magical method in all occultism. It was once built by way of the Elizabethan magician Dr. John Dee who, with the help of his seer, Edward Kelly, channeled an angelic language and alphabet that's remarkably potent in beginning up the brain to currents of intelligence a long way past the human norm. no matter if you're a newbie in your course of research or already a sophisticated magician, there's something for you in Enochian Initiation. writer Frater W.I.T. stocks his personal reports and deeply own visions, increasing upon and broadening the trail towards figuring out cast through John Dee, Aleister Crowley, and different nice magicians who've come ahead of. via bringing this tradition into the fashionable period, Frater W.I.T. exhibits how human attention may be multiplied and tested extra heavily than with easy meditation, psychoanalysis, or maybe mind-altering medicines. For these of you who may have hesitated to check Enochian magick since you don't percentage a similar ideals or convictions of the deeply spiritual Elizabethans, relaxation guaranteed that it's attainable to accomplish an analogous wondrous effects inside of a impartial religious context. Frater W.I.T. has constructed a nonreligious spirituality in his conjurations whereas nonetheless utilizing Hebrew and Enochian divine names. via this ebook, you too will how to strengthen new suggestions and concepts to form your personal magical type and process. An begin of either the Masonic and Rosicrucian faculties of poser, Frater W.I.T. has spent greater than 20 years learning western occult traditions. the aim of his life's paintings is to enhance new tools of ceremonial magick and discover new vistas of psychic and religious power.

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Enochian Initiation: A Thelemite's Magical Journey into the by Frater W.I.T. PDF

Event a brand new truth via wondrous visions of the Enochian angels Enochian magick, a approach of angelic evocation, is among the oldest sorts of ceremonial magick within the Western global, and maybe the one strongest magical process in all occultism. It used to be constructed by way of the Elizabethan magician Dr.

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There is much more to physical existence than length, width, depth, and time. He was inside and outside of this reality, truly an interdimensional being. He projected himself smoothly into my mind as easily as someone walking into a room, appearing as an old, bearded man in black robes. His image, however, looked like a carefully detailed pencil drawing. The scene before my mind’s eye seemed at once unreal and more real than any experience I ever had to this point. A higher being had extended itself into my psychic domain.

The Earth angels gave some intimation about this but now the King of the East is demanding it. A new type of religious expression is called for. An important clue as to the nature of this new spiritual path may be found in the fact that Water is the next phase of the Watchtower magical program. I am reminded of The Hanged Man Tarot card,22 major arcana number twelve (XII), a card that figured significantly in a recent self administered reading. The Hanged Man has transcended all worldly pain and concern to fully focus on the spiritual realm, an inversion of conscious perspective shown by his inverted posture.

He became whole. The Luna Senior, LZINOPO, showed me physical examples of unions of opposites to produce holistic synergy. Chemical reactions and quantum interactions are the inorganic correlates to a human’s search for fulfillment in a mate. The soul is one with matter, all deriving from one source and so interconnected. However, the nature of these connections is mysterious. Overall, the union of opposites emulates the interdimensional nature of consciousness and so expands this field to ever greater influence over its surroundings.

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