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Note that the value of the formula (which has mode INT) does not change. Instead, it is replaced by the coercion with a value of mode REAL whose whole number part has the same value as the INT value. It is worth saying that the value of the formula obtained by elaboration is lost after the coercion. 0 What is the value of each of the following formulæ? Contents Ans Index Chapter 2. 4 Division In the preceding sections, all the operators mentioned yield results which have the same mode as the operand or operands.

The priority of % is 7, the same as multiplication. Here are some identity declarations using the operator: INT r = 23 OVER 4, s = -33 % 3; INT q = r * s % 2 Using the given values of r and s, the value of q is -27. When a formula containing consecutive dyadic operators of the same priority is elaborated, elaboration is always left-to-right, so in this case the multiplication is elaborated first, followed by the Contents Index Chapter 2. Formulæ 36 integer division. Of course, % can be combined with subtraction as well as all the other operators already discussed.

Algol 68 programs are written in free format. This means that the meaning of your program is independent of the layout of the source program. However, it is sensible to lay out the code so as to show the structure of the program. For example, you could write the first program like this: PROGRAM firstprogram CONTEXT VOID USE standard(print(20))FINISH which is just as valid, but not as comprehensible. Notice that BEGIN and END can be replaced by ( and ) respectively. How you lay out your program is up to you, but writing it as shown in the examples in this book will help you write comprehensible programs.

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